Bring clarity, organization and beauty to your data.

Aesthetic Intelligence has extensive experience creating simple and clear graphical solutions for complex communication needs.
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Online Interactive Graphics

Let your audience explore and experience your data

With an online interactive project, your information can become more than static facts and figures. By focusing on the human desire for engagement and discovery, our work encourages your audience to immerse themselves in your data, keeping them interested in your information and engaged with your site and your cause for longer. And when promoted through social media, interesting and interactive visualizations can drive users to your webpage.

  • Use of CSS, HTML5 and Javascript allow for universal accessibility (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Ask us about maps, timelines, data navigation, and chart animation.
  • Use interactive graphics to tell stories, explain concepts, visualize sales figures, and more!
  • Infographics and Data Visualization

    Compelling visualizations provide at-a-glance comprehension

    Information graphics and data visualizations employ the principles of design in order to effectively communicate data. This process is not just about aesthetics—the clear communication of information can both enlighten and persuade. We live in a society of information overload: It has been suggested that the average person consumes 11.8 hours of data each day, whether through the Internet, video games, or the newspaper. We can cut through that clutter, however, with clarity and with the beautiful and efficient communication provided by information graphics and data visualization.


    Consulting Services, Presentations and Workshops

    We offer presentations and workshops aimed at teaching the skills necessary to create effective and accurate information graphics. Participants have included (among others) government officials, journalists, programmers, and open data groups. We are ready to illustrate the value of data graphics to any audience, whether you need to be convinced of their worth for your organization, or you’re ready to start developing your own.

  • Learn how your organization can incorporate infographics: “Creating Data Graphics: Roles Within the Workplace”
  • Spend a day or an afternoon learning the basics. Get ready to create your own infographics: “Information Visualization: Storytelling, Data and Design”
  • Ask us about learning inDesign, data viz for the web, basic programming, data literacy, infographic best practices, and more!
  • Ask us about tailored workshops and presentations

    We work with clients from a variety of industries. How can we help you present your data?


    Aesthetic Intelligence uses the principles of journalism and graphic design to present eye-catching graphics and interactives without compromising the integrity of the underlying data. Ask us about data-driven news stories, explanatory infographics and illuminating maps; or bring us your data and we'll create a custom interactive experience guaranteed to get plenty of attention!


    There is no better way to present an argument or demonstrate a point than through the visual representation of data. Infographics can enlighten and persuade, present information in a pleasing and universally understandable manner, and draw attention to your cause. Whether you're looking for a new marketing angle or searching for a clean, effective way to visualize key performance indicators, Aesthetic Intelligence is ready to help you realize the power of your data.


    The rise of the "open data" movement means governments are increasingly encouraged to not only release data, but to present that data in a way that offers enlightenment to the public. We have extensive experience displaying data at various levels of government, as well as offering workshops and presentations on the benefit of data visualization and information graphics within the public sector.